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RS-40 Kompakt wattmeter for 144/440MHz 15/60/200W

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Tekniske spesifikasjoner
Frequency Range 140-150MHz, 430-450MHz
Measurable power range  0-200W  
Power range 15W, 60W, 200W
Insertion loss 0 3 dB or lower
Impedance  50 ohm
Dimension W=70 x H=78 x D=30 mm
Weight  180g
 Connector MJ-MJ (BNC, N optional)

Very small, light quality SWR & Power Meter for Mobile or Home radio

This SWR/Watt meter is a compact size for measuring Forward Power, and SWR .

RS-40 meter can read out directly without any calibration.

Low insertion loss structure allows it to be connected permanently

Equipment rugged metal housing easy to read meter Insertion loss 0.3 dB

-Frequency Range: 140-150MHz,430-450 MHz

-Measurable power range: 0 - 200W

-Power Range: 15W, 60W, 200W

-Max Power: 200W

-Accuracy 60/200W range: (PEP) +/- 15%

-Accuracy 5W range: (AVG) +/- 10%

-Min. Power (Fwd) measured: 1W

-Insertion loss: 0.3 dB or lower

-Testing functions: Forward, SWR

-Impedance: 50 ohm

-Dimension: 70W x 78H x 30D mm

-Weight: 175 g

-Connector: SO-239 to SO-239

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