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ID-51E Plus 2 - Black

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•5W power output •3-hour quick charging with included charger for wall outlet (BP-271) •Battery pack with long service life •Cloning software, CS-51 PLUS included •Link Commands for Dplus Reflector

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Output Power: 5.5/2.5/1/0.5 Watts 

RX Frequencies: 
 A Band - 136-174MHz, 380-479MHz
 B Band - 108-174MHz, 380-479MHz 

Channels: 1304 

Waterproof Rating: IPX7 


Lightweight and compact chassis

The ID-51E Plus 2 has compact dimensions of 58 × 105.4 × 26.4 mm for the chassis, and weighs only about 255 grams with battery pack and antenna. In this small device, the ID-51E Plus features 2 5W power output, two bands VHF / UHF, D-STAR and a built-in GPS receiver.

V / V, U / U, V / U Dualwatch

The dualwatch function monitors the VHF / VHF, UHF / UHF and VHF / UHF bands at the same time.1 Audio volume and squelch level can be set separately for headband and subband.

Built-in GPS receiver

The built-in GPS receiver starts quickly and provides accurate positions. Your current position and altitude is displayed on screen and offers in DV mode to report its position. GPS-A mode facilitates operation with D-PRS.

DV Fast Data2 mode

By using data instead of voice packet, ID-51E Plus 2 can send data 3.5 times faster (3480 bps) than in conventional DV mode (with voice). Photos taken with an Android ™ device can quickly be broadcast in DV Fast Data mode.

Features for repeater search DV / FM

The repeater search functions search for nearby analog FM repeaters and also DV repeaters using repeater memories and the built-in receiver for GPS3.

Independent receiver for AM / FM

You can listen to the FM radio and AM as well as stations on the VHF airband while dualwatch monitoring the amateur band.

Card reader for microSD memory card

When used with a microSD memory card (up to 32GB), varying content can be saved, including voice memos, DV auto answer, TX voice message, contact log, reception history, and GPS data. The microSD card can also be used to update firmware and edit memory contents.

Auto Answer Mode (DV mode)

When a call to your call is received, ID-51E PLUS can automatically respond with information about your current location. When communicating via ID-51E Plus 2, the position received as response can be displayed in a pop-up on the screen of the caller.

IPX7 Waterproof design

ID-51E Plus 2 has superior IPX7 protection against water (1m deep water for 30 minutes). It can be used outdoors in difficult environments or forestry, mountain biking, trips and alpine sports.

RS-MS1A Remote Control Software (Free Download for Android ™ from Google Play ™)

The RS-MS1A lets you connect to ID-51E Plus 2 and remotely set DR features, connect it to a map function, and send and receive messages across the DV.5 traffic mode.