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Rigexpert WTI-1 PCinterface,CAT/CI-V,FSK,CW.Mik./PTT. W-LA

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RigExpert WTI-1

Connect your transceiver to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network. Use your laptop to operate phone, CW or digital modes from anywhere in the world!

The following resources are available on-line:

To connect the WTI-1 to your transceiver, you will need a special cable. Fortunately, pre-built cables for many transceivers are available. Moreover, you may construct a cable yourself, using the diagramspublished on our website.

Please make sure to update your WTI-1 to the latest firmware and use the latest version of the ShackLink software on your PC.

A number of user’s guides provide step-by-step instructions of how to set up and operate your WTI-1 device. The guides are available in the PDF format at the Downloads section:

  • The Quick start guide describes in a short form how to quickly set up your WTI-1 device to start operating.
  • The User’s manual contains more detailed instructions and examples of the use.
  • The ShackLink software manual describes the ShackLink program deeply, so operating becomes easy even for an inexperienced user.
  • The Software setup examples will help you quickly set up your favorite software to operate digital modes via the WTI-1. Many other programs are supported, although not included in this manual.
  • Remote operation becomes easy with the Operating via the Internet guide.


Please also see a review of the RigExpert WTI-1 in the February 2015 issue of the QST magazine.

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