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Kenwood DECT 1,9GHz HT

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Licence-Free DECT Wireless Intercom Systems

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Licence-Free DECT Wireless Intercom Systems






The Kenwood ProTalk WD-K10 Series DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) Intercom systems bring easy-to-use, full-duplex, hands-free communications operation to professional users.


Kenwood ProTalk WD-K10 Series DECT wireless communication and intercom system effectively bridges the gap between traditional two-way radio, intercom and telephony for single sites operating across wide areas or different floors, in an easy to deploy and use solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


ProTalk WD-K10 Series is license-exempt and offers reliable, free and unlimited full-duplex communication between users or groups of users on site with no call or subscription charges or licence applications to complete and without the risk of patchy coverage sometimes experienced with GSM use.


Compact, lightweight and durable, the hand-portable WD-K10PBS portable base station and WD-K10TR transceiver Li-ion batteries provide up to 8 / 20 hours’ usage respectively on a single charge and when fitted with the optional microphones allow users fully hands-free operation.


For larger sites, multi-floor operation or to expand the system to accommodate more users, up to four IP54 rated WD-K10BS base stations can be daisy-chained to provide site-wide coverage – for example providing communications between teams working on the construction of a skyscraper.


The WD-K10 Series is ideally suited to airports, visitor attractions, education, sports, manufacturing, hospitality, office and retail sites where hands-free and instant listen-only or full duplex communication is essential to safe, secure and efficient operation.


To find out more about Kenwood ProTalk DECT Wireless Intercom Systems contact  us.

Small and light, tough and simple to use - indoors or outdoors
Superior digital technology ensures clear communications
Rugged construction for dustproof/waterproof performance
Portable base station for use just about anywhere
Designed throughout for ease of use and convenience
No license required
Full-duplex communication
Up to 10 transcivers (full-duplex mode) can be registered to one Base Station
Up to 64 transceivers can be used in Listening Mode. If there is an unused channel available, one of these Listening Mode transceivers can temporarily switch to normal mode, allowing the user to speak as well as listen.
Up to 4 stationary type Base Stations can be linked to expand the coverage
Portable Bases can be linked with PMR, to provide extend communication (Simplex).
Technical Specifications
Frequency Range - E Type 1880-1900 MHz
Operating Modes Full Duplex
Operating Temperature Range -10 °C to + 60 °C
Operating Voltage 3.7 V DC (Lithium-Ion battery)
Dimensions 54 x 94 x 23.5 mm
- Projections not included -
Weight (net) Approx. 135 g (incl. battery pack WD-UB110)
Transmitter Specifications
RF Power Output Average 10 mW or less (max. 250 mW)